Validation of seller accounts

Selection process

In order to guarantee buyers the quality, safety and authenticity of the works they buy, each artist must pass the validation stage and be individually selected by our moderation team. Seller accounts must be validated in order to sell on Artmajeur. Only artists who meet the requirements to be able to sell on our platform are accepted.

This process ensures that only sellers who are legitimate, and offer authentic quality works, perfectly presented, will be authorized to sell on the platform.

How do I validate my seller account?

Validation instructions appear in your account. All validation steps must be finalized for the account to be studied by our moderation team.

How long does it take to validate an account?

Once all the required elements have been provided, our moderation team will validate your account in 3 business days (on average).

Account validation steps

  • Fill in all required information about your account
  • Our team validates the account on average within 3 working days
  • If elements are not correctly filled in, or incomplete, you will receive a message with the modifications to be made.
  • Once your profile is complete, it can be published

Actions required

When elements of your presentation are incorrect, the moderation team may send you a message asking you to make the changes required for your account to be validated.

If despite our messages the required changes are not made, your account may be suspended.

Profile images

Follow the image guidelines to properly display your profile images.
Help for profile pictures

Optimize your profile

Once you have provided all the required information, you can optimize your profile by adding more information: This will improve your search engine positioning and increase your chances of selling!

Rules of good practice

  • Inspire confidence in your customers with a beautiful profile picture
  • Follow the instructions for each content you add
  • Only offer quality, well-presented content. Classify your works correctly, with beautiful photos
Need help?

Friendly support staff is available to answer all your questions:

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