How to modify my biography?

Your biography is very important for your clients
Biography is an essential part of your profile, art lovers interested in your work will always look for your biography and read it with interest to better understand your art. Your biography should be well written, complete and factual.

Improve your position in Google with a complete presentation
Provide as much information as possible: when you provide a lot of detailed information, your pages will be better indexed, and will retain interested visitors on your profile longer.

How to edit your biography?

  1. Go to: My account > Presentation > Biography
  2. Provide full details
    • Texts (biography, quote, your artistic influences etc...)
    • A nice photo of you in your workshop or at work
  3. Go to: My account > Presentation > Accomplishments.
    Add all your major accomplishments (awards received, participation in exhibitions, press articles, etc.)

Reasoned Biography (written by Artmajeur)
To ensure that search engines correctly index your work, biographies are sometimes rewritten by our editorial team following the latest search engine indexing requirements. For search engines to index your profile correctly, your biography must be unique and not appear identically on another site. Our editorial team writes reasoned biographies based on the information you provide, and information available on the Internet.

How do I suggest changes to my reasoned biography?
You can add all the additional elements and accomplishments directly on your presentation (awards received, press articles, participation in exhibitions or art fairs, etc.).
If your biography changes significantly, you can tell us the important elements that have changed and our editorial team can assess the opportunity to include them in your reasoned biography.

Can I turn off the reasoned biography to put my own biography instead?
No, when our editorial team writes a reasoned biography, it appears on your artist profile and under your works. It is not possible to deactivate it but you can propose modifications.

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