How do I choose an artist name and account URL?

The choice of your artist name is essential for the promotion of your work

It is necessary to communicate on an artist name adapted to the promotion of your work:

  • an easy-to-remember artist name for the public
  • a unique artist name for better ranking on Google
  • the artist name must be the one you use to communicate, and to sign your works

Communicate on your real name (most recommended)

Your real name is the most suitable for communicating because your basic audience (family, friends, colleagues, your first customers, etc.) know you by this name. So it will be easier to find you on Google. Using your real name is the most legitimate, and the most effective. It also saves you the risk of lawsuits for infringement because the legislation on intellectual protection in most countries allows you to use your real name for your creations, even if this name is already used.

Use a pseudonym

If you don't want to use your real name, or want to separate your artistic activity from your current activities, you can choose an artist pseudonym.

  • Pick a unique nickname that isn't already in use (do some research so you don't have any intellectual property issues!)
  • The pseudonym must be easy to remember, and to write
  • Use only 1 pseudonym to communicate and sign your works
  • Do not change your nickname, otherwise you will have to start all your SEO from scratch!

Use your real name and a pseudonym at the same time

If you already use an artist pseudonym and you want to change back to your real name, or if you want to use both names at the same time, you can indicate the option "Real name + Nickname". Your real name will then appear followed by your artist pseudonym in parentheses.

The address of your profile (URL) must absolutely correspond to artist name

In order to optimize your ranking on Google, and to allow customers to easily find your works, your profile address (URL) must be the same as your artist name.


  • Jeff Koons ->
  • Pablo Picasso -->
  • Banksy -->

Mistakes to avoid

We recommend that you use your real name and keep this usage, it is the best choice. If you choose an artist pseudonym, you have to think carefully, then don't change it again.

  • The artist name must be the one with which you sign your works
  • Always use your real name if possible
  • Do not use slogans or keywords in your artist name
  • Do not change artist name
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