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Art for the Soul @ SHANKAR-GALLERY.COM
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Artistic line

Welcome to Shankar Gallery, where Asian art and mysticism meet Western innovation. Living in the glow of the Rocky Mountains, S.S.Shankar is a Yogi known for his vibrant artwork, his deeply soulful writings, and his attentive skill as Siva Lingam Pujari. Now, S.S.Shankar unveils his 108 visionary paintings.

Yatra Series
In a kaleidoscope of variety and versatility, S.S.Shankar employs representational and abstract styles to speak of a philosophy that is as old as Mount Kailash and culturally ancient as Arunachala Mountain.

Collectors and admirers alike have been inspired by the traditional Indian themes that fill his work, images which lead the viewer to an experience of the world's divine energy. Here you will find holy temples, spiritual luminaries, and scenes that include modernity's greatest wisdom teachers: Neem Karoli Baba, the Dalai Lama and Papaji, to name only a few. His Yatra series guides seekers into these special realms, bringing them on a colorful, visual pilgrimage to the holiest cities and temples on earth.

In other collections, S.S.Shankar takes a freer, more abstract approach and the results are exhilarating; Mandala, Black Kala, Mahasamadhi, Advaita Miniatures and the Nada Series all provide visions into the depths of infinite truth and universal divinity. Each one of the collections consists of twelve paintings, and every painting is annotated by a passage excerpted from "Yog Mountain, Rivers to Sea", the book of poetry and memoirs written by S.S.Shankar himself.

To begin the tour of Shankar Gallery, open your mind and enter the Lingam series, a celebration of the ultimate creative force in the universe.

Lingam Series
Next, take a virtual pilgrimage and visit the Golden Temple in Varanasi, Nepal's holy site of Pasupati. Or look to the pastoral Chitrakoot for inspiration. Twelve spiritual destinations await in this sacred journey.

To further your exploration of S.S.Shankar's work, as well as the potentiality of your own spiritual experience, focus your attention on the Yantra series. These multi-dimensional images invite meditation and compel you to contemplate your own place in the universe. Meditate on the Mandala, a painting inspired by the ancient circular objects of meditation. The Mandala will encourage you to go within and discover the Buddha who resides in each of us.

And then dive into the Black Kala - S.S.Shankar's expression of the infinite void - where swirling vortexes of color and sparkling lights convey the almost incomprehensible expanse of total time and space.
Mandala Series

Each commanding six by ten foot canvas brings you face-to-face with the concept of the potential of one's ultimate liberation. Gazing upon Mahasamadhi - great awareness - you will encounter the awesome presence for which there are no words.

Sumi-e Series
Open S.S.Shankar's Sumi-e Doors. These 66x38 inch paintings push open the portals, letting in the pure wonder of creativity. With energetic bursts of color and spontaneous brush strokes, you will see that these Sumi-e doors actually open into the limitless expanse of life.

The Advaita Miniatures tempt us to look closely and carefully at the world of detail and introspection. Modeled after the age old question, "Who am I?" these "worlds in a microcosm" bring the viewer back to the Self inherent in All.

S.S.Shankar's skills in multi-media techniques are revealed in the Nada Series. Here, he combines many layers of spray paint, opulent pastels, and delicate sumi-e brush strokes, and brings to life the soft, ambient vibrations of the universe. Variety comes alive in these mindscapes!

You are cordially invited to visit Shankar Gallery in Boulder, Colorado and view this extraordinary art in person. Those interested in meditation and self-inquiry will find peace and warmth in this setting. Investigate for your self whether it is the paintings, the Shiva Lingam Temple, or the many enlightened teachers and seekers who have visited and meditated here that create this remarkable space. Shankar Gallery is located at 1840 Violet Avenue, Boulder, Colorado.

Let this resplendent Art come to You! Purchase any of the original paintings by contacting Shankar Gallery directly by phone or email .

The Shankar Gallery Store has more purchasing information about S.S.Shankar's "Yog Mountain, River to Sea" , and the innovative Key Kover with eight colorful designs for key comfort. Also find out more about art purchases, art works price lists, FAQ's, maps and newsletters.

You may wish to further explore by reading more about the artist .

Shankar Gallery's Favorite Links page now has our friends web rings and more links for your reference to Shankar Gallery and S.S.Shankar. The latest schedules of teachers appearing at Shankar gallery can be found at Satsang Teachers.

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