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11x8x0.2 in ©2005 by rutujartist
©2005 rutujartist
Village Home - Painting, 11x8x0.2 in ©2005 by rutujartist - Realism, Paper, Landscape, landscape, house, trees, nature, art, painting, drawing, watercolor, village, plants, weeds
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Rutujartist ~ Village Home
11x8x0.2 cm ©2018 by rutujartist
©2018 rutujartist
Wine, cheese - Drawing, 11x8x0.2 cm ©2018 by rutujartist - Impressionism, Paper, Food & Drink, food, drink, wine, baguette, art, pastel, picnic, painting, grass, drawing
Rutujartist ~ Wine, cheese
110x80x0.2 cm ©2010 by rutujartist
©2010 rutujartist
Kurt Cobain portrait - Painting, 110x80x0.2 cm ©2010 by rutujartist - Realism, Canvas, Celebrity, nirvana, kurt cobain, musician, guitarist, grunge, rock music, metal, art
Rutujartist ~ Kurt Cobain portrait
24x36x0.2 in ©2013 by rutujartist
©2013 rutujartist
wine-talk.jpg - Painting, 24x36x0.2 in ©2013 by rutujartist - Figurative Art, Canvas, Women, food, drink, wine, woman, women, classy, class, world, culture, pub, bar, red, blue, hues
Rutujartist ~ wine talk
12x14x0.2 in ©2003 by rutujartist
©2003 rutujartist
Still Life - Painting, 12x14x0.2 in ©2003 by rutujartist - Abstract Art, Minimalism, Paper, Still life, still life, glass, goblet, monochrome, monochromatic, black and white, grey, drawing, painting, art
Rutujartist ~ Still Life