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Tel Aviv, Israel

assaf henigsberg and raphael perez kissing on the studio gay men kiss couple hugging lovers boy frie
Acrylic on Canvas (78.7x78.7 in)

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About this artwork
This artwork is part of the gallery gay art gallery queer artist painter paintings painting.

Techniques Acrylic
Support or surface Canvas
Framing No
Related themes

Painting , Acrylic , Naive Art , Landscape , gay couple kissing , men kissing , men kiss , gay kiss , gay kissing , male kiss , man kiss man , male kissing , males kissing , males kiss , homosexul couple kissing , homosexual couple kiss


assaf henigsberg and raphael perez kissing on the studio gay men kiss couple hugging lovers boy friend assaf henigsberg and raphael perez kissing on the studio gay men kiss couple hugging lovers boy friend

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