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Islamabad, Pakistan

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Name! Raza-e-Mustafa Awan

Date of Birth! 20 March 1974

Country! Pakistan

From! Lahore

Current City! Islamabad

Zodiac! Pisces

Hobbies! I love music & paintings!

Education! I have done MBA (master of business administration) specialization in marketing as well as MIS (management of information system)

Art work! I had started my art work since 2002, I am using adobe photoshop CS for making my art works. As well as I am using Oil Colors, Water Colors, Oil Pastel, Dry pastels and Color Pencils. My whole paintings are reflection of my own feelings. I hope you people will like that and encourage me I don’t have lot of knowledge so every body can give suggestions and also can criticize I don’t mind I say welcome to all of you. In fact I will learn from you I will try to remove my mistakes. Right now i have 190 paintings, 174 are online.