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Original Art Made of Hand Drawn Lines
LineScaping is a series of original paintings and drawings created by lines. It features a minimalist abstraction with a distinctive style. All lines are drawn freehand one by one, unlike one may suspect it computer assisted.

Abstract Art
hat do you see in abstract art? There's no incorrect answer to what you should see in abstract art. Use imagination. Make up your own story and be convinced with it. Your story is the subjective truth you live with. Ultimately, it's not only about abstract art, but also everything in life is about how you view things.
Perceptual Abstraction"Optical Art is a method of painting concerning the interaction between illusion and picture plane, between understanding and seeing." (Introducing Op Art)

Momoko Sudo, the Artist
MOMOKO spent all of her youth in cold Hokkaido, Japan. Her independent nature and international mind led her to the States alone in 1992. She had lived in Oklahoma, Texas, and Michigan before the bright tropical colors and intense light mesmerized her in 2000, prompting her to move to Miami, Florida, where she resided nearly a decade. In 2009 she relocated to California and now lives and works in the Bay Area, California.

OMOKO specializes in abstract art because she enjoys its multiplicity in interpretations and unlimited freedom to expressions. Not only her LineScaping art, but also her mixed media collage has gained popularity as well as her resin art.