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Maria Emilov Silvestar

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Painting, Mixed Media, Photography ... 114 Followers Member since 2005
United Kingdom
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Mask 7 artworks

interim 9 artworks

My shown work ‘a winter-tale’ video short projection and paintings-on-board, were conceived within my interest in the Crypt Gallery, London and exhibited there at this stage, linked to the initial meaning of the crypta as a burial place and a chapel to display them as an introduction to composite experimental work and research. The title is ‘a winter-tale’ and the 1st overseen reference is obvious - the popular Shakespeare play. But the works also include many not so direct ‘citations’ . Please...

waterLines 2 artworks

Oils and Mixed Media

's/he' 12 artworks

My art practice and current pedagogic interests are mainly set within my research into memory. I am fascinated in how much that memories mean to us, very often without them being recognized in our personal formation and identity issues. The memory provokes a very complex image with its relation to the theories of the unconscious and the language. In the traces/scars of memories we can witness something that is vivid, vibrant and multi-faceted overlapping between cultures, gender and time.

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Oils and Mixed Media