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Art Fair Visitor Inadvertently Broke $42,000 Jeff Koons Sculpture!

Art News • 2 minutes read
At a VIP event in Miami, a woman taps a shiny blue sculpture, which then breaks into pieces and falls to the floor.

Jeff Koons honors Apollo on the Greek island of Hydra

Pop Culture • 2 minutes read
On the Greek island of Hydra, Jeff Koons left luxurious works of art for Apollo, the god of the sun. Organizers say that the show is a "metaphysical dialogue between the modern and the old."

A Jeff Koons sculpture worth up to $12.5 million will be auctioned off to benefit Ukraine

Sculpture • 3 minutes read
A Jeff Koons sculpture worth up to £10 million ($12.5 million) will be auctioned off this month to raise funds for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

Jeff Koons is planning to launch sculptures to the moon

Art News • 3 minutes read
Jeff Koons will send some of his sculptures to the moon. Afterward, they will be sold on Earth as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are digital assets that are shaking the contemporary art market. The specifics of the project have yet to be released. Private US company Intuitive Machines will launch the spacecraft.

Jeff Koons loses his legal battle with an Italian collector

Art News • 3 minutes read
A court in Italy has overruled the American artist's assertion that the sculpture of two snakes was a fake, and the collector can now seek compensation.


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