Ahmed Alozade, digital painting

Ahmed Alozade, digital painting

Olimpia Gaia Martinelli | Jan 15, 2022 4 minutes read 2 comments

Ahmed Alozade's digital painting is characterized by elements of artistic style, creativity, emotion and imagination. This work is inspired by the world of feelings, the observation of reality, artistic and scientific information and the personal aesthetic taste of the artist ...


What made you decide to become an artist? What is your background ?

During my childhood and my youth, I was a good designer, I used my drawings a lot in my notebooks. I have always received encouragement from my teachers from elementary to university. During my career as a university teacher-researcher, I did not have the time to study in an art school. After my retirement I decided to develop my talent, starting with the computer tool. Thus, since 2016, I have made good progress in digital painting.

What are the 3 things that make you different from other artists?

1) I have enough geographic, historical, philosophical, methodological information ... to select and artistically process abstract concepts, humanistic and metaphysical themes. 2) My digital art creations are almost not photographs or illustrations, or collages of pieces of photos or comics. They are true works of art rich in elements of artistic styles, creativity, emotions and imagination. 3) I am not an artist looking to be successful in the art market. I am an artist who creates what he imagines, feels, invents and loves.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from my feelings, my observations of reality, my artistic and scientific information, and my aesthetic tastes. Everything is mixed up in my analyzes of human life, the concepts of my thoughts and my dreams.


Tell us about the conception of your works, do you have a long preparatory work or is it quite spontaneous?

Given my working method, I am obliged to prepare the theme and style of each creation with theoretical studies, visual documents and definitions of elements of the subject. Then I look in the styles of art, in ancient and modern works, in the details of the techniques, and in the color palette, to choose and imagine the main characteristics of my work and define, in advance, its emotional currents.

What do you want to show through your work?

My art speaks with touches and colors, to present microcosms of our lives. My art shows the complexity, the sensitivity and the beauty of our universe, our existence and our planet. It also presents the richness of our exchanges with nature and humanity.

In your work do you use techniques or materials that are out of the ordinary?



Do you have a favorite format? Why ?

No, the subject and the message that decide

What difficulties do you encounter in your work?

Two difficulties: 1) Digital art is based on computer hardware (mainly software), which develops very quickly, requiring a large amount of money to be able to pursue it. 2) Like all artists, I dream of becoming famous. But becoming famous in digital art is very difficult. I think, in the next few years, to study "physical" painting, to use classic materials in my work and to achieve a certain degree of notoriety.

How do you work? At home, in a shared workshop, in your own workshop?

At home, in my office.


Does the work of an artist take you to travel a lot?

Yes, it is the eye of the artist and his psychic who need to travel, even if he does not paint what he is looking at.

What has been the best moment of your career?

The day I heard my daughter and son say, “Wow, great, my dad is a great artist. "

How do you see your work in ten years?

Of course, I will be more experienced and more professional, and my name will be known all over the world as an artist.


What are you currently working on? Are you planning an exhibition soon?

To showcase my art, I don't need a personal gallery at this point. I think having my work on one of the best art sites on the net (artmajeur.com) is more than enough.

If you could have created a masterpiece in the history of art, which one would you choose? Why ?

"Whitehall London" Kal Gajoum. In this work there is: an invention in style, the talent for analyzing things, the Grand Duke in the choice and coordination of colors, the history of an important place at a precise historical period.

If you could invite a famous artist for dinner (dead or alive), which one would you choose? Why ?

Kal Gajoum, I love his paintings.

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