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Ahmed Alozade

El Jadida, Maroc
Artiste (Arts numériques, Peinture)
Né(e) en 1945
Art is not the presentation of a beautiful thing, but the good representation of emotions

At the age of 7, Ahmed ALOZADE began to draw things that had astonished his parents and teachers. His notebooks and diaries were his exhibition places. Her curiosity for painting dates back to her adolescence - especially after she stopped singing because of asthma, but cultural and social conditions did not favor her practice.
Throughout his professional life (professor at college, high school and research professor at the university); Ahmed has never stopped his research on Art, painting, beauty, creativity and the history of Art .. In strong relation with his research in the human sciences, and also in philosophy, landscapes, systems, aesthetics, psychology, and futirism.
Now retired, Ahmed is fully dedicated to painting in its most contemporary form (DIGITAL). Now. it is on the highway of the web that he presents his works and makes discover his creations.
Ahmed ALOZADE, who lived almost all his life in the big city of Casablanca, had benefited from his geographical studies, his travels all over Morocco and Europe, and from the web with his enormous cultural, technical and visual treasures.
Ahmed created since June 2016 his site. His thousands of visitors, fans and friends, from 140 countries, have added a strong energy to his talent.
Now its 150 creations (in November 2017) also circulate in several social sites, art sites, image sharing sites, and in search engines.

In 2018, ALOZADE Ahmed deserved the certificate of: Artmajeur Awards (category: Gold)
[NB: my official date of birth: 1/1/1945, real : 7/7/1948]

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