The 10 mistakes to avoid on your profile

The 10 mistakes to avoid on your profile

Olimpia Gaia Martinelli | Dec 19, 2022 4 minutes read 8 comments

Artmajeur has listed for you the most common errors that we regularly see on artist profiles. This is so that for 2023, you can update your profile to make it more precise and attractive, and convert your audience into real buyers!

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  1. Set the price of your work :
    To turn a curious visitor into a compulsive buyer, you have to realize that time is precious! If a user enters your profile and is not able to see the prices of your works, in 80% of cases, they will be annoyed and will move on to a more immediate purchase.

  2. Change the status of works that have already been sold : A client interested in your work will feel discouraged, tired and frustrated knowing that what you are showing, which he has selected with time and care, is in fact no longer available. From these feelings, the user will generally move on to another, more reliable and concrete proposition.
    Find out more: HERE

  3. Errors in shots : Many works of art are placed on the artist's profile out of focus, out of focus, and against a background that turns out to be occupied by misleading objects or colors. In this regard, it is important to take into account that in most cases people who want to buy art are attracted by aesthetics and will therefore tend to choose works with maximum presentation!
    Here are some tips for taking good photos: HERE

  4. Classification of works : Users cannot browse all the pages of works available on Artmajeur, as this would amount to locking themselves away for days searching non-stop. They therefore carry out searches with filters and keywords, which include, in addition to prices, styles, themes and artistic techniques.
    Our tips: HERE

  5. Description of the works : It is important that your works are presented by means of a description which, by explaining their meaning and their subject, makes them more interesting in the eyes of the visitor who, in many cases, may also feel emotionally attached to them. your point of view, to the point of deciding to make a purchase.
    Learn the art of persuasion: HERE

  6. Create galleries of works : As when visiting a museum, the user who comes across your artist profile expects to find the works arranged according to a particular logic which, aiming to follow a chronological, stylistic, thematic order , etc., is intended to make its search faster and more concrete.
    More information: HERE

  7. Profile and cover photo: It is necessary that your profile photo, that is to say the one at the top left of your page and which appears inside a circle, represents you, because , who buys on the web, needs to perceive that you are a real, professional and reliable person. In this sense, ask yourself the following question: would you buy a luxury good, such as a work of art, from a masked or faceless man? Similarly, the cover photo, that is to say the horizontal photo placed at the top of your page, must be related to your work. Any other image could be perceived by the visitor as out of place, irrelevant and without interest.

  8. Photo of the artist at work : The photo that appears just below the biography should represent you at work in your studio, to show that your art is truly the result of your commitment, passion and dedication. Furthermore, such a view allows the prospective customer to get in touch with your world, discovering you as more human than just a web page.
    You will find other tips for the photo artist at work: HERE

  9. Biography : The visitor to your profile, in addition to knowing from your photos that your existence is very real, will want to know more about your life, your education and your vision of the world. That's why it's important that biographies talk about concrete topics, without getting lost in gibberish and worthless information.
    Here is an express guide to writing a good biography: HERE

  10. Additional information : It is very important for users to know your career, so it is unthinkable to leave valuable information such as your exhibition and publication record blank. It is precisely the transcription of this latest information that is able to show the value of your work, generating sales.
    Don't forget to add the link to your social networks on your profile to make them visible to all visitors.

Fix these mistakes now and change your future!

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