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a30.jpg (2007)

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This artwork is part of the gallery photophil 1.

Framing No
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Photography , branche , lichen , automne

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© by Kempfi
TRICHEUR A L'AS DE TREFLE GEORGES DE LA TOUR - Digital Arts ©2017 by Kempfi - georges, de la tour, georges de la tour, tricheur, as, trefle, tricheur a l'as de trefle, kempfi, numerique, peinture
© by Kempfi
Abstraction aux boules et bulles - Digital Arts ©2015 by Kempfi - Abstract, abstract-570, boule, bulle, abstrait numerique, kempfi, traficoti, kempf
©2007 by Kempfi
a131.jpg - Photography ©2007 by Kempfi -
©2007 by Kempfi
a118.jpg - Photography ©2007 by Kempfi -
©2007 by Kempfi
a115.jpg - Photography ©2007 by Kempfi -
©2007 by Kempfi
a71.jpg - Photography ©2007 by Kempfi -

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