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Josiane Gagnon

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Montreal, Canada

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Montreal QC, Canada

Member since Sep 11, 2012
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Born in 1970 in Montréal, I grew up in a peaceful suburb in Repentigny. At age 17, when it’s time to register at the CÉGEP, I hesitate between a career in social work and visual arts. With my mother’s encouragement – she enrolled me in oil painting classes – I undertake studies in fine arts and graphic design. In 1992, I move to Montréal to work as a graphic artist. For 15 years, I evolve in advertising and a children’s book publishing firm (Éditions Tormont). Tired of the dehumanization of the graphic designer’s work and its growing computerization, I decide on a career change. In 2002, I begin studying psychology and graduate with a B.A. at the UQAM and since 2006, I’ve been working as a psychosocial mental health intervener. Having left graphic arts, but still passionate about visual and fine arts, I intensify my work as an artist and painter. This enables me to connect with the raw material needed to create. I’ve exhibited in different parts of Québec (solos, groups, symposiums). Galerie 2000 (Montréal), represented me from 2005–2007, until I decide to withdraw my work. As a result, I’ve become more independent enabling me to choose my exhibitions. josiane-gagnon-art