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My work pendulates between the figurative and the abstract, modern and contemporary styles. While most of my peers fabricate their froms with flawless craftstmanship and machine-like precision, I'm inspired to exploit the natural characteristics of my materials and the fabrication process. By experimenting with finishes, grind patterns, tool markings, welding techniques, and even slag from the torch, I developed a style that captures my process and leaves my hand in the work. These techniques are continuously evolving through hours in the studio.

I begin every design with a sketch. Bringing that sketch into space is an invigorating process. Pieces are fabricated in stainless steel or cast in aluminum and bronze. Whether its a figure resting on one hand captured in the perfect moment, or forms that appear to defy gravity, my fascination with balance, space, movement, and perspective is evident in my designs.

My works are designed to enhance and transform their surroundings, while passing the test of time.The majority of my creations are designed to endure the weather and require minimal maintenance.

That moment before you jump, the first landing, the perfect action photograph, and performing the impossible are all themes that influence my work. My concepts are roused by capturing these moments in time and bringing them into space.