Georgina Rey

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Farnham Churt, United Kingdom

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Group/Solo Exhibitions

Grand Palais “Salon d'Automn” - Pays Francophone: 1993 Grand Palais, Paris
Group exhibition with 3 ladies: 1994 Gallerie Helene de Senneville, Grand Baie, Mauritius
Group exhibition with 6 women at French Embassador's Residence: 1996 Floreal, Mauritius
SOLO exhibition: 1996 Gallerie Helene de Senneville
SOLO exhibition: 2000 Gallerie Helene de Senneville
First prize "Outspan" competition organised by Gallerie Helene de Senneville.
Group exhibition with 2 male artists: 2002 Didus Gallerie, Pamplemousse, Mauritius
Group exhibition with 3 male artists: 2005 Le Coin de Mire Gallerie, Centre de Conference,Grand Baie, Mauritius
SOLO exhibition IBL Port Louis, Mauritius 2009
SOLO exhibition 'Color Attitude' Gallery 2014
Group exhibition June 2016 Curepipe.
2016 UK Farnham Art Society Group Exhibition
2017 UK Guildford Art Society Group Exhibition
2017 UK Appart Exhibition Godalming
2017 Serge Constantin and his friend, Port Louis.
2017 Guildford Art Society Spring & Autumn Exhibition
2018 Guildford Art Society Spring Exhibition
2018 Surrey Artists Open Studios, Barford Farm.

2019 Guildford Art Society Sprint Exhibition

2019 UK Appart Exhibition  April  Godalming

2019 Guildford Art Society Autumn Nov Exhibition

2020 UK Appart Exhibition April Godalming

2020 NEAC First Selection committee.



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