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Hadera, Israel

In the church 1 (2006)
Photography (Several sizes available)

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Artwork Type
Open Edition
Support or surface
Several supports available (Fine art paper, Metal Print, Canvas Print)
Framing available (Floating Frame + Under Glass, Frame + Under Acrylic Glass)

aisle to the altar and people sitting at the benches in church

For sale excellent quality hard prints with sizes from 8*10" up to the posters. The hard prints will be mailed WORLDWIDE by regular mail service directly to the address the customer should provide. Additional cost for 8*10" printing, handling & shipping is 5$. Please contact me at if you want to buy this or bigger size or number of prints!

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©2006 by Efi Keren
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©2006 by Efi Keren
In the park - Photography ©2006 by Efi Keren - lake, pond, pool, water, fluid, liquid, dilute, basin, swan, long neck, bird, feathered, animal, birds, flying, Israel, Middle East, Mediterranean, Jewish, israeli
©2004 by Efi Keren
Upward - Photography ©2004 by Efi Keren - tree, stem, seedling, green, trees, branch, creation, hill, raised area, slope, incline, pile, mound, mauntain, hilltop, city, urban, municipal, town, car
©2004 by Efi Keren
Skyscraper 3 - Photography ©2004 by Efi Keren - highway, road, main, interstate, expressway, route, passage, way, high-speed travel, traffic, car, automobile, auto, vehicle, means, cars, city, urban, municipal, town
©2004 by Efi Keren
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©2006 by Efi Keren
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