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“Along my artistic growth, since I was a little girl, whenever I saw something that it seemed interesting, I immediately visualize it in my head.
usually they were some unique things, jewls, stones, patterns, anything that it cant possibly made twice.
There comes out the fact that I love African art and their culture, also asian one.
They were my first inspiration when I started using true colors like : oil or acrylic… when I say ‘true’ I mean “painter’s” colors. I like ambiguity, I like to wonder when I see a piece of art.. that what art is all about. Whoever sees it, it creates different version in any individual, because we don’t think the same and that’s our power. And that’s what a painting should have as a power : ambiguity.
Therefore I try to apply it subconsciously by making a point out of it.
I wouldn’t define my work on terms or define it in a real meaning.. I think every artist on the mean time they will grow more and every day, along with their art.
I paint anything that in my head seems beautiful just by thinking of it. What defines my paintings is textures, colors and different materials I use on them, and that feeling.. that you might haven’t seen it before.


2017-2020 MA FIne Arts Istanbul, Turkey
Dafinë Vitija

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