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brigitte szpiro

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J'aime que les éléments du tableau s’ajustent, s’ordonnent, s’imbriquent comme dans la vie où rien n’est séparé où tout est relié


Contemplative or meditative faces, tender gestures, smiles, shared joy. All this is only the translation of my inner world, seeking to express through painting what the verb can not say.

Born in Paris in 1959, I was initiated from an early age by a father painter. At 18, I meet other artists and discover a universe in which I can be myself.

I take some art classes to deepen the technique but it is by rubbing shoulders with other artists, watching them work, experiencing that I really progress.

In 1987, I join the Haute Couture Textile Art Workshop in Paris). This is where I develop my taste for texture effects, color and geometric shapes

But creativity in this business has its limits. I therefore choose to leave this profession to devote myself exclusively to painting.

The year 2010 is a pivotal date. I am confident and begin to interpret what I see. I find my own style, my own writing. My paintings are more and more faithful to what I feel inside. I want to tell a story with my characters that I put on stage in a dreamlike world.

I gradually register in the narrative figuration of contemporary art. I describe a state of mind, a reverie, or an atmosphere conducive to reflection.

I paint to beautify the world around me. I hope to be able to share these emotions full of life and hope that are at the heart of all my paintings as a communicative and contagious smile


1987-2010 Designer textile Paris, France
brigitte szpiro

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