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Magic and tragic happens

Magic and tragic happens when you least expect it

Reached Summit (Chader trek) and back, and I was happy that I did it. On way back home, I visualised about the small luxuries of life like water coming from tap, taking hot water bath, to eat warm food, being with family, to sleep in warm bed, etc. As I reached home after a long journey, I didn't know, tragedy was waiting.

Link of Chader trek to give you the feel:

The morning I reached home, at about 7 AM, I was talking to my Mom,  She took her morning medicine and also ate a piece of garlic (to keep her blood pressure in control). And the garlic got stuck in her throat, and she was not even able to take the saliva in. I called my brother, and we rushed to hospital. Suddenly the doctor told us that it was a matter of life and death. I don't have words now, to share what I was feeling and the pain she was going through. She was taken to Operation theatre, and that was the longest hour of my life. Operation was successful and she got fine. I thank God and I forgot about all my physical / emotional problems. After 2 days at hospital, she was back at home and tragedy ended. 

Now it was time for some magic.

Next day, I got a call from my friend Aneesh Mitra, asking if I will be interested in displaying my artworks at TEDx Mumbai, as they are having an artist corner. Without thinking much, I welcomed the opportunity. As it was my first exhibition, my friends helped me in preparing for it. 

Esha Mittal helped me with frames and Raj Mitra helped me in designing the small hand-out diaries instead of visiting cards. I didn't expect any sale in the exhibition as it was more of non-profit and for display purpose. 

However far I have reached in my journey, it is because of the combined efforts of my family, friends, strangers I meet online, their words - appreciation / criticism, etc and I am always thankful to you all.

Combing back to the magic part. I have to travel to Mumbai from Surat via train with 5 paintings of size (3x2 ft); all with heavy wooden frames. My brother helped me at Surat station, but I have to handle all myself then onwards. I don't know, from where I got the energy to lift all 5, and people helped me in between (seeing a 5ft small girl lifting them all :) ).

Exhibition went well and I met many people there. While packing up, I was bit sad as deep inside I wanted atleast one to sell, as I have to survive and now I have to carry them all back home. But, then I comfort myself that it is the start and I have to create more and grow as an artist. 

As I was taking the paintings out from the TEDx ground, a group of around 15-20 people with cameras in their hand were approaching me. Mr. Vinay Parelkar, founder of Vineye Photo School (VPS) (India’s leading photography education institute), came with his students for some photography in the garden, He saw me (artist with her paintings), and asked me if I can pose with my artworks. His students will get their subject. I agreed, and i was posing with my art, and 20 people were clicking me together (flash flash flash...all at the same time). That moment was magical for red carpet moment and I knew inside, that i was on the right path and this is my journey. Below is the photo clicked by Mr. Vinay, it is one of the magical moment of my life.





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