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Atignas Art

Surat, India
Artist (Painting)
Born 1985
All That I Am, Or Hope To Be, I Owe To My Mother

I am a visual artist, who loves to create. I believe "Art is you, and no one can express yourself better than you". "Atignas" is dedicated to my mother. She is an epitome of all things creative – whatever artistic in me, whatever creative in me has been passed on to me by her. Painting is akin to meditating, my way of looking at the world – joys, sorrows, achievements, failures, dreams, hopes, aspirations and beliefs find a perfect blend on the canvas. Sometimes unaware of the destination, the journey continues like a dance of colours on the canvas to infinity. Sometimes dreams find its form and patterns, sometimes patterns and forms conjure up dreams. Painting unchains my soul to the vastness, infinity, randomness, and colours of the sky of a magically real world that’s far away from the daily bustling. This is my world, and I invite you to be a part of it through my paintings.

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