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Story behind “Acceptance”

"Art conveys ideas and emotions that are difficult to put into precise words"

I started with “Acceptance” painting at Piramal Museum of Arts, in their open studio. They had a weekly residency program for emerging artists. The space was in the centre of the Corporate offices, with people coming to interact in between. To be precise, there was lot of distraction to connect myself with my own emotions. 


Work in progress image of the painting from the studio. Date 3rd April, 2019

Not just Artists, but everyone likes to work in solitude, in their own space. Even I do, but while creating this piece of work, I realised that I have no control over external environment. All I need is to control my mind, I have to disconnect my mind from the people around, and focus on what the painting is demanding.

And this is how “Acceptance” got created. 


Created this in public space by disconnecting myself amidst the crowd. Date: 8th April, 2019 (7th April was my last day at the Residency)


wall-picture-205621-115631-1.pngAcceptance on wall

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