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'The Eternal Song' - series inspired by Bhagawad Gita

History repeats itself, though in different forms. I have created this artwork series, as a different medium to communicate the same thing which the world is saying.


Today's situation is similar to Mahabharata. World is facing a war against Covid-19. Just that, the war is not on the land of Kurukshetra. Whole world is a battleground. We are the ones who have to fight it, like the warriors fight in the battlefield.


In Mahabharata War, Arjuna was faced with the dilemma whether to fight the battle or not, as it will lead to destruction of his family and friends. Arjuna's mind was filled with grief and fear, that got him in this dilemma.


At this, Lord Krishna responds by teaching Arjuna "How to see".... not from his own point of view, but from the point of view of "TIME", in which everyone lives and finally passes away.


Today, our dilemma is to make a choice between Karma and Dharma. Karma is our day to day action, our work, jobs, which gives us identity and earns our livelihood. Whereas, Dharma is our Duty towards Humanity. 


The effort that we put in following our Dharma never gets wasted, nor does it hamper our growth. Practicing our dharma, even in the mildest form, saves us from harm, saves the Humanity. To follow Dharma, we need to have self-control and have to make sacrifices.


One who identifies inaction in action and action in inaction is wise in Human Society. Karma - our work is our Attachment. Attachment breeds desire & desire leads to frustration which in turn leads to delusion. When we are deluded, we lose our memory and destroy the power of discrimination. Our self itself is lost.

Let us fight this war, by focusing on our 'Dharma', on our goal to save  Humanity. Inaction is Action now.  Stay at home, away from crowded places. Because by following our Karma, we are helping our enemy, which will hurt our loved-ones. 

This War is not about yourself, don't let our loved ones question our abilities. Slow down. Boredom is the sacrifice we have to make.



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