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Atignas Art: A Tribute And A Mission

Painting at Women’s Self Defense Centre in Mumbai to inspire the woman to fight and with a hope that women’s era will come.

“She will Rise” She is independent; she is strong; she is life. This painting is about a girl who rises strongly amid societal pressures. As she transcends from a girl to a woman, she walks along a fiery path — absorbing the fire and turning that fire into light. The rope of expectations that had once chained constrained her — burns out too. She frees herself and leaves of trail for others to emulate.

Harshita Nandwani calls herself an artist, who found painting an outlet for her artistic expression. After leaving her well-paying job at an MNC bank in Mumbai, she returned home to Surat to pursue her passion and founded Atignas Art. Atignas Art is dedicated to her mother Sangita (Atignas is Sangita in reverse), and now Harshita is on a mission to expand the reach of visual arts.

Harshita believes that art is an emotion; art connects with the soul. “Atignas Art is dedicated to my mother. She is an epitome of all things creative – whatever artistic in me, whatever creative in me has been passed on to me, by her”, says Harshita.

“Ever since my childhood, I wanted to make my mother happy. I just wanted to see her smile. All the worries of the world end, whenever I see that smile, though it’s a tough job. She is a perfectionist while I am not,” says Harshita. Harshita is still eagerly waiting for that day when her mother would walk up to her and say, “I am proud of you”. The wait isn’t over because every time Harshita achieves something, her mother pushes her limits further, not allowing her to settle and get too comfortable with the present.

Harshita is an emotional person, and she candidly opens up with me while saying, “I like to feel my emotions. Painting is akin to meditating, my way of looking at the world – joys, sorrows, achievements, failures, dreams, hopes, aspirations and beliefs find a perfect blend on the canvas.  Whatever I feel is reflected in my paintings”.

Her mother dropped out of college after getting married and took up family responsibilities. She used to paint as a child.She is an active supporter of Harshita’s work, shedding down words of wisdom at every step of the painting, and encouraging her to always chase her dreams and thrive.



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