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26 Original Textile Artworks For Sale | Illustration Looking for Original textile works of art for sale? Explore all styles and techniques of textile arts. Artmajeur is aimed at all artistic sensibilities and has been celebrating[...]

26 Original Textile Artworks For Sale | Illustration

Looking for Original textile works of art for sale?

Explore all styles and techniques of textile arts. Artmajeur is aimed at all artistic sensibilities and has been celebrating beauty by your side for 20 years with more than 2 million contemporary works of art to discover ... or acquire! Discover works by contemporary artists from around the world to decorate your interior with class! Simple art lover or confirmed collector? Find the favorite canvas or painting that will truly enhance your decoration. Artmajeur offers you original works, limited editions and art prints by the best contemporary artists in the world. On Artmajeur, works of textile art are selected by enthusiasts and experts in the art market. We select for you the original works of trendy, award-winning and recognized artists as well as new rising values in the field of contemporary art to guide you and help you in your process of buying textile art online.

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With a mission to create an online marketplace that is simple, secure, and profitable for artists everywhere, Artmajeur has created the world's first global virtual art gallery with over 10 million visitors. Artmajeur offers you exclusive prices on original artworks by emerging and established international artists, shipping worldwide in 24 to 48h to your doorstep for free. Enjoy our selection of original artworks and high-quality prints that will make perfect gifts or decorate your walls with style!

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Textile Art titled "Infinite Loop" by Tabloucufire, Original Artwork, String Art Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Infinite Loop - Textile Art, 22.1x22.1 in ©2023 by Tabloucufire - Illustration, illustration-600, Geometric, stringart, thread, portrait
"Infinite Loop"

Textile Art on MDF Board | 22.1x22.1 in

Textile Art titled "Patch rouge linogra…" by Valentine Marzais, Original Artwork, Ink Mounted on Other rigid panel
Patch rouge linogravure - Textile Art, 7.9x7.9 in ©2023 by Valentine Marzais - Illustration, illustration-600, Nature, linogravure, illustration, patch, tissu, bois, bois flotté, rouge, decoration d'interieur
"Patch rouge linogravure"

Textile Art on Fabric | 7.9x7.9 in

Textile Art titled "rhythms of heaven" by Нина Петрова, Original Artwork, Collages
rhythms of heaven - Textile Art ©2020 by Нина Петрова - Illustration, illustration-600, Fashion, мода, мужская мода, текстиль
"rhythms of heaven"

Textile Art on Paper

Not For Sale
Textile Art titled "Normandie" by Laure Vergne, Original Artwork, Fabric
Normandie - Textile Art, 13.8x16.5 in ©2016 by Laure Vergne - Illustration, illustration-600, Fabric, normandie, mer, falaises, nature

Textile Art on Fabric | 13.8x16.5 in

Textile Art titled "Petit sac bandouliè…" by Ann M. Création, Original Artwork, Fabric
Petit sac bandoulière tissu coton japonais bleu floral - Textile Art, 7.5x6.3 in ©2022 by Ann M. Création - Illustration, illustration-600, Flower, petit sac tissu japonais, petit sac floral coton, petit sac bleu et or
"Petit sac bandoulière tissu coton japonais bleu floral"

Textile Art | 7.5x6.3 in

Not For Sale
Textile Art titled "Martina Dry pochett…" by Cristina Frassoni, Original Artwork, Accessories
Martina Dry pochette 4 - Textile Art, 425.2x425.2 in ©2020 by Cristina Frassoni - Illustration, illustration-600
"Martina Dry pochette 4"

Textile Art | 425.2x425.2 in

On Request
Textile Art titled "Princess cap! #arti…" by Nora Leynadier, Original Artwork, Accessories
Princess cap! #artistsupportpledge - Textile Art ©2020 by Nora Leynadier - Illustration, illustration-600, casquette princesse, casquette fille peinte main, casquette bleue avec couronne, couronne peinte à la main, casquette pour princesse, princess cap hand painted, blue cap with crown, girl cap with crown
"Princess cap! #artistsupportpledge"

Textile Art

Textile Art titled "Reinhard Kleist - o…" by David Maars, Original Artwork
Reinhard Kleist - official merschandising - Textile Art ©2019 by David Maars - Illustration, illustration-600, Cotton, Fabric, reinhard kleist, bande dessinee, nick cave, johnny cash, merschandising, t-shirt paint a la main, edition limite, david maars
"Reinhard Kleist - official merschandising"

Textile Art

On Request
Textile Art titled "Coussin de porte Vi…" by Creasoize, Original Artwork, Digital Print
Coussin de porte Victorien Cœur Velours - Textile Art, 4.3x4.3 in ©2018 by Creasoize - Illustration, illustration-600, Cotton, Metal, Fabric, coeur à suspendre, velours, chocolat, coussin porte, victorien, dentelle, love, décoration intérieure, idée cadeau, handmade, french touch, modéle unique, french riviéra, artmajeur, coeur tissu
"Coussin de porte Victorien Cœur Velours"

Textile Art on Fabric | 4.3x4.3 in

Textile Art titled "Chondrus Crispus" by Heollene, Original Artwork, Embroidery
Chondrus Crispus - Textile Art, 6.3x4.3 in ©2022 by Heollene - Illustration, illustration-600, Seascape, algue rouge, algue, océan, marine, broderie main, broderie, pièce unique, cabinet de curiosité
"Chondrus Crispus"

Textile Art on Fabric | 6.3x4.3 in

Textile Art titled "Lady with Garland" by Geraldine Clarkson, Original Artwork, Fabric
Lady with Garland - Textile Art ©2018 by Geraldine Clarkson - Illustration, illustration-600, Women, lady with garland, fabric collage
"Lady with Garland"

Textile Art on MDF Board

Not For Sale
Textile Art titled "Йормунганд" by Alina Gelman, Original Artwork, Fabric
Йормунганд - Textile Art, 23.6x39.4 in ©2020 by Alina Gelman - Illustration, illustration-600, Mythology, дракон, кельтские мифы, мифология, город, горы, рассвет, скандинавская мифология, батик

Textile Art on Cardboard | 23.6x39.4 in

Not For Sale
Textile Art titled "Rêve Lucide" by Bilos, Original Artwork, Embroidery
Rêve Lucide - Textile Art, 15.8x11.8 in ©2021 by Bilos - Illustration, illustration-600
"Rêve Lucide"

Textile Art on Canvas | 15.8x11.8 in

Textile Art titled "silk scarf" by Marta Joy, Original Artwork, Clothing
silk scarf - Textile Art, 26.4x26.4 in ©2022 by Marta Joy - Illustration, illustration-600, Fashion, silk, scarf
"silk scarf"

Textile Art | 26.4x26.4 in

Not For Sale
Textile Art titled "COSTUME PEUPLE RENA…" by Geneviève Madrigal, Original Artwork, Fabric
COSTUME PEUPLE RENAISSANCE - Textile Art, 4,413x2,402 in ©2015 by Geneviève Madrigal - Illustration, illustration-600, Renaissance, François 1er, peuple, marron, histoire

Textile Art on Fabric | 4,413x2,402 in

On Request
Textile Art titled "Bikini" by Caroline Montigneaux, Original Artwork, Fabric
Bikini - Textile Art, 25.6x25.6 in ©2019 by Caroline Montigneaux - Illustration, illustration-600, bikini, petite nana, foulard, carré de soie, carré, soie, illustration, croquis, caroline montigneaux

Textile Art on Fabric | 25.6x25.6 in

Textile Art titled "Flower power" by Françoise Maillet, Original Artwork, Embroidery
Flower power - Textile Art, 29.5x25.6 in ©2018 by Françoise Maillet - Illustration, illustration-600, Other, Fantasy, Laine feutrée, Art mural, Art textile, francoisemaillet
"Flower power"

Textile Art on Other substrate | 29.5x25.6 in

Textile Art titled "Collaboration avec…" by Edith Donc, Original Artwork, Ballpoint pen
Collaboration avec le Design Shop - Textile Art ©2018 by Edith Donc - Illustration, illustration-600, Fabric, Canvas, Bird, piou piou, Design Shop, 6083, Hyères, edith donc
"Collaboration avec le Design Shop"

Textile Art on Canvas

Textile Art titled "La Gulya ,Moulin Ro…" by Nadezhda Revtovich, Original Artwork, Thread Mounted on Wood Panel
La Gulya ,Moulin Rouge - Textile Art, 30.7x26.8 in ©2021 by Nadezhda Revtovich - Illustration, illustration-600, Celebrity
"La Gulya ,Moulin Rouge"

Textile Art on Linen Canvas | 30.7x26.8 in

Textile Art titled "mandala 1" by Anna Belmonte, Original Artwork, String Art
mandala 1 - Textile Art, 17.7x17.7 in ©2021 by Anna Belmonte - Illustration, illustration-600, Abstract, mandala, string art
"mandala 1"

Textile Art on Wood | 17.7x17.7 in

Textile Art titled "Joker on the Jeans" by Елизавета Королева, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Joker on the Jeans - Textile Art, 21.7x43.3 in ©2022 by Елизавета Королева - Illustration, illustration-600, Comics, Джокер, кастом, кастомизация, custom, Joker
"Joker on the Jeans"

Textile Art on Fabric | 21.7x43.3 in

Textile Art titled "In guns we trust" by Jean Pierre Avonts-Saint-Lager, Original Artwork, Textiles
In guns we trust - Textile Art, 30.7x59.1 in ©2018 by Jean Pierre Avonts-Saint-Lager - Illustration, illustration-600, textile, tissu, drapeau, américain, amérique
"In guns we trust"

Textile Art on Canvas | 30.7x59.1 in

Prints available
Textile Art titled "Human Rights" by Kodan, Original Artwork, Furniture
Human Rights - Textile Art, 43.7x19.3 in ©2020 by Kodan - Illustration, illustration-600, Asia, fauteuil, design, illustration, art, décoration, oeuvre, sculpture, Kodan, liberté, meuble, chine, égalité, écologie, restauration, artiste français
"Human Rights"

Textile Art | 43.7x19.3 in

Not For Sale
Textile Art titled "NAÏA" by Manon, Original Artwork, Fabric
NAÏA - Textile Art, 23.6x11.8 in ©2020 by Manon - Illustration, illustration-600

Textile Art on Canvas | 23.6x11.8 in

On Request
Textile Art titled "fdo-365j-166.jpg" by France Do, Original Artwork, Engraving
fdo-365j-166.jpg - Textile Art, 7.9x5.9 in ©2018 by France Do - Illustration, illustration-600, marocaine

Textile Art on Paper | 7.9x5.9 in

Textile Art titled "C'était un jour de…" by Laure Barlet, Original Artwork, Other
C'était un jour de bel été - Textile Art, 7.5x7.5 in ©1998 by Laure Barlet - Illustration, illustration-600, Ciel, Soleil, Pré, Toit de maison
"C'était un jour de bel été"

Textile Art on Fabric | 7.5x7.5 in

Not For Sale


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