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Discover 432 original artworks for sale, Original artworks, Limited Editions & Prints | Gothic Buy original artworks, limited editions and prints by the best contemporary artists worldwide. category_description.contemporary[...]

Discover 432 original artworks for sale, Original artworks, Limited Editions & Prints | Gothic

Buy original artworks, limited editions and prints by the best contemporary artists worldwide.


Buy original art by the best artists worldwide

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Photography titled "Icon" by Cedric Brion, Original Artwork, Digital Photography Mounted on Aluminium
Icon - Photography, 47.2x31.5 in ©2023 by Cedric Brion - Figurative, figurative-594, Gothic, Noir et Blanc, Feminin, Croix

Photography | 47.2x31.5 in

Painting titled "Un  Ange  en  NORMA…" by Christ Jeannet, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Un Ange en NORMANDIE - Painting, 23.6x31.5 in ©2023 by Christ Jeannet - Spiritual Art, spiritual-art-1040, Gothic
"Un Ange en NORMANDIE"

Oil on Canvas | 23.6x31.5 in

Painting titled "Slope" by Ekaterina Nikulina, Original Artwork, Oil
Slope - Painting, 19.7x15.8 in ©2023 by Ekaterina Nikulina - Figurative, figurative-594, Gothic, slope, sea, gothic, skeleton, nature, black and white, aesthetics, grisaille, beautiful, chic

Oil on Canvas | 19.7x15.8 in

Photography titled "My little ghost" by Tania Serket, Original Artwork, Analog photography
My little ghost - Photography, 24x17.3 in ©2023 by Tania Serket - Surrealism, surrealism-627, Gothic, black and white, abstract, mistic, humor, film photography, analog, illusiom, fantasy, vision
"My little ghost"

Photography | 24x17.3 in

Painting titled "№ 00223 «Behind the…" by Apollonas Soben, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
№ 00223 «Behind the Scenes of the Occult» - Painting, 27.6x19.7 in ©2022 by Apollonas Soben - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Gothic, esoteric, occultism, black mass, cubisme, mystic, pentogram, history, magic, witchcraft, sorcery, wizardry, enchantment, pentagrams, liturgy, requiem, eyes wide shut, wide-shut eyes, backstage, behind the curtains, secret
"№ 00223 «Behind the Scenes of the Occult»"

Oil on Canvas | 27.6x19.7 in

Prints available
Painting titled "The Feast of All So…" by Karababart, Original Artwork, Acrylic
The Feast of All Souls - Painting, 19.7x19.7 in ©2023 by Karababart - Abstract, abstract-570, Gothic, sould, feast, ruh, art, gotıch
"The Feast of All Souls"

Acrylic on Canvas | 19.7x19.7 in

Prints available
Painting titled "命运之拉奥孔" by 恒 强, Original Artwork, Oil
命运之拉奥孔 - Painting, 19.7x23.6 in ©2023 by 恒 强 - Classicism, classicism-933, Gothic, 拉奥孔, 紫色, 痛苦, 命运, 顽强, 不屈

Oil on Linen Canvas | 19.7x23.6 in

Prints available
Photography titled "You met me in Abyss…" by Christof Bamberg, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
You met me in Abysses Light - Photography, 39.4x69.7 in ©2021 by Christof Bamberg - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Gothic, forest, black forest, fog, rain, storm, emotional, deep, abyss, light, darkness, ghosts, blue hour, blaue stunde, constellation
"You met me in Abysses Light"

Photography | 39.4x69.7 in

On Request
Painting titled "Toute sortie  est d…" by Lalie, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Toute sortie est définitive. - Painting, 31.5x24 in ©2023 by Lalie - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Gothic, tête de mort
"Toute sortie est définitive."

Acrylic on Linen Canvas | 31.5x24 in

Prints available
Collages titled "Yon never knew me" by Mariia Gorbunova, Original Artwork, Collages Mounted on Wood Panel
Yon never knew me - Collages, 39.4x25.6 in ©2017 by Mariia Gorbunova - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Gothic, mixedmedia, wood, collage, object, feminist
"Yon never knew me"

Collages on Wood | 39.4x25.6 in

Painting titled "Cosmic Commedia" by Mengu, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Cosmic Commedia - Painting, 39.4x39.4 in ©2022 by Mengu - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Gothic, bipolar art, mania hypomania depression, outer space, cancer, micro cosmos, macro cosmos, experimental art, polistirolo
"Cosmic Commedia"

Acrylic on Other substrate | 39.4x39.4 in

Prints available
Painting titled "Inspired Fantasy" by Xiaoning Yu, Original Artwork, Oil
Inspired Fantasy - Painting, 11.8x11.8 in ©2021 by Xiaoning Yu - Spiritual Art, spiritual-art-1040, Gothic, culture, myth, oilpainting, modern, fantasy, europe, europen, colors
"Inspired Fantasy"

Oil on Canvas | 11.8x11.8 in

Painting titled "carry the cross and…" by Loi Duc (DucloiArt), Original Artwork, Oil
carry the cross and follow the God - Painting, 59.1x39.4 in ©2023 by Loi Duc (DucloiArt) - Cubism, cubism-582, Gothic, ducloiart, loiartist, god, cross, catolic, oilpainting
"carry the cross and follow the God"

Oil on Canvas | 59.1x39.4 in

Painting titled "Smile of the night" by Yaroslav Kurbanov, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Smile of the night - Painting, 31.5x19.7 in ©2003 by Yaroslav Kurbanov - Figurative, figurative-594, Gothic, night, love, moon, butterfly, woman, white, smile, stars, handwork, hands, touch, blue, smile of the night
"Smile of the night"

Oil on Canvas | 31.5x19.7 in

Photography titled "Gothic Portrait" by Ömer Erdoğan, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
Gothic Portrait - Photography, 11.8x15.8 in ©2023 by Ömer Erdoğan - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Gothic, black and white photography, black and white, blackandwhite, blackandwhite photography, portrait, portrait photography, gothic, black and white portrait, gothic portrait
"Gothic Portrait"

Photography | 11.8x15.8 in

Painting titled "В ожидании следующе…" by Александр Манойленко, Original Artwork, Oil
В ожидании следующего года... (2023) - Painting, 11.7x14.8 in ©2023 by Александр Манойленко - Naive Art, naive-art-948, Gothic, Комета, жнец, вечер, осень, лес
"В ожидании следующего года... (2023)"

Oil on MDF Board | 11.7x14.8 in

Prints available
Drawing titled "l'accouchement" by Eric Demelis, Original Artwork, Ink
l'accouchement - Drawing, 15.8x11.8 in ©2021 by Eric Demelis - Outsider Art, outsider-art-1044, Gothic, art singulier, art brut, outsider art, tinta china, encre de chine, raw, inkdrawing

Ink on Canvas | 15.8x11.8 in

Painting titled "Her" by Emela Brace, Original Artwork, Acrylic Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
Her - Painting, 31.5x23.6 in ©2020 by Emela Brace - Abstract, abstract-570, Gothic

Acrylic on Canvas | 31.5x23.6 in

On Request
Photography titled "Harmonie 02/20" by Bettina Dupont, Original Artwork, Manipulated Photography
Harmonie 02/20 - Photography, 23.6x23.6 in ©2021 by Bettina Dupont - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Gothic, yin yang, harmonie, duo, noir et blanc, rouge, conceptuel, fineart
"Harmonie 02/20"

Photography | 23.6x23.6 in

Drawing titled "Quiet psychopath" by Milto Sideris, Original Artwork, Marker
Quiet psychopath - Drawing, 8.3x11.8 in ©2022 by Milto Sideris - Illustration, illustration-600, Gothic, gothic, girl, psychopath, disillusioned, marker
"Quiet psychopath"

Marker on Paper | 8.3x11.8 in

Prints available
Painting titled "Gothic Window" by Mk Long, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Gothic Window - Painting, 40x30 in ©2021 by Mk Long - Figurative, figurative-594, Gothic, gothic window, gothic art, archiectural art, gothic architecture, window art, window, old world, church window, church, stained glass, distessed, beige, textured art, relief art, old world art, brick building, brick art, building art, structure art, gothic painting
"Gothic Window"

Acrylic on Canvas | 40x30 in

Prints available
Collages titled "Soviet Madalya Kola…" by Ahmetyasin Kutlu, Original Artwork, Collages Mounted on Wood Panel
Soviet Madalya Kolajı - Collages, 15.8x11.8 in ©2020 by Ahmetyasin Kutlu - Geometric, geometric-572, Gothic, soviet, tablo, madalya, kolaj, koleksiyon, savaş
"Soviet Madalya Kolajı"

Collages on Linen Canvas | 15.8x11.8 in

Painting titled "Small deer skull st…" by Luke Morgan, Original Artwork, Oil
Small deer skull study - Painting, 7.9x7.9 in ©2023 by Luke Morgan - Expressionism, expressionism-591, Gothic, skull, death, deer, life, dark, small
"Small deer skull study"

Oil on Canvas | 7.9x7.9 in

Painting titled "suspicion" by Алина Лина, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Panel
suspicion - Painting, 23.6x31.5 in ©2023 by Алина Лина - Figurative, figurative-594, Gothic, портер, черный цвет, женщина, лысая женщина

Oil on Canvas | 23.6x31.5 in

Painting titled "Gothika" by Kristiana Proykova, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Gothika - Painting, 35.4x23.6 in ©2022 by Kristiana Proykova - Abstract, abstract-570, Gothic, mixed media, digital art, new media, acrylic, acrylic in canvas, conceptual, Gothic, Fantasy, figurative

Acrylic on Canvas | 35.4x23.6 in

Drawing titled "Sacrificial" by Jose Carlos Cordoba, Original Artwork, Oil
Sacrificial - Drawing, 27.6x19.7 in ©2022 by Jose Carlos Cordoba - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Gothic, CORDOBA, HP8A, HORIZON PARIS 8EME ART

Oil on Paper | 27.6x19.7 in

On Request
Sculpture titled "Crane calice en 2 p…" by Mr Foe'Z, Original Artwork, Clay
Crane calice en 2 parties/. - Sculpture, 11x9.8x0.5 in ©2019 by Mr Foe'Z - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Gothic, terre cerame cuite, representation onirique, crane humain, pierre si tu lis ce message, grande piece, atelier foe'z, immersion
"Crane calice en 2 parties/."

Sculpture - Clay | 11x9.8x0.5 in

Sculpture titled "Damnatio Memoriae -…" by Iwana Wolf, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Damnatio Memoriae - Condemnation of Memory Book Box - Sculpture, 12.6x11x3.2 in ©2023 by Iwana Wolf - Symbolism, symbolism-1020, Gothic, medieval, history, church, roman empire, latin, old latin, gladiator, caesar, book, box, library
"Damnatio Memoriae - Condemnation of Memory Book Box"

Sculpture - Acrylic | 12.6x11x3.2 in

Painting titled "Escape from Egipt" by Irina Preda, Original Artwork, Acrylic
Escape from Egipt - Painting, 9.8x9.8 in ©2011 by Irina Preda - Abstract, abstract-570, Gothic, abstract arwork, abstract painting, small painting, original painting, modern art, rustic artwork
"Escape from Egipt"

Acrylic on Paper | 9.8x9.8 in

Painting titled "Suites aux ENTRELAC…" by Mireille Bonard, Original Artwork, Ink
Suites aux ENTRELACS - Allegeance - Painting, 27.6x39.4 in ©2015 by Mireille Bonard - Spiritual Art, spiritual-art-1040, Gothic, mondesousmarin, entrelacs, encres, 100x700, lune, deesse, adoration, allégeance, temple, vache
"Suites aux ENTRELACS - Allegeance"

Ink on Paper | 27.6x39.4 in

Photography titled "hipogre" by Jean-Pierre Simard, Original Artwork, Digital Photography
hipogre - Photography, 11.8x11.8 in ©2023 by Jean-Pierre Simard - Conceptual Art, conceptual-art-579, Gothic, vieux rocker, hippy, graf morsure, blockhaus, ogre, collage signifiant, fansme, cauchemar

Photography | 11.8x11.8 in

Painting titled "Отступница" by Дмитрий Илларионов, Original Artwork, Pencil
Отступница - Painting, 15.8x19.7 in ©2023 by Дмитрий Илларионов - Illustration, illustration-600, Gothic, Отступница

Pencil on Canvas | 15.8x19.7 in

Drawing titled "Gargoyle #4, mediev…" by Ekaterina Andreeva, Original Artwork, Marker
Gargoyle #4, medieval monster, Notre Dame de Paris, Set of 4 - Drawing, 11.4x8.3 in ©2023 by Ekaterina Andreeva - Illustration, illustration-600, Gothic, medieval, set of 4, gargoyles, european architecture, black and white, shades of gray, wall art, gallery wall, sketch, medieval architecture, gothic, medieval monster, Notre Dame de Paris, observer
"Gargoyle #4, medieval monster, Notre Dame de Paris, Set of 4"

Marker on Paper | 11.4x8.3 in

Painting titled "Bloody punk" by Leyla Zhunus, Original Artwork, Watercolor
Bloody punk - Painting, 12.6x9.5 in ©2023 by Leyla Zhunus - Figurative, figurative-594, Gothic, handsome man portrait, vampire painting, man's portrait, male painting, man art, vampire man painting, blood painting, grunge painting, grunge art, punk art, punk painting, vampire portrait
"Bloody punk"

Watercolor on Paper | 12.6x9.5 in

Prints available
Drawing titled "Montre à Gousset" by Audrey Lafolie (Ondine), Original Artwork, Ink
Montre à Gousset - Drawing, 11.7x8.3 in ©2021 by Audrey Lafolie (Ondine) - Illustration, illustration-600, Gothic, Montre, BlackandGrey, Perles, Bijoux, Steampunk, Pointillisme, Tatouage, Tattoo, Mécanisme, Horlogerie
"Montre à Gousset"

Ink on Paper | 11.7x8.3 in

Prints available
Painting titled "GLOCK" by Gipé, Original Artwork, Oil Mounted on Wood Stretcher frame
GLOCK - Painting, 31.9x21.3 in ©2021 by Gipé - Illustration, illustration-600, Gothic, PORTRAIT, sombre, glauque, gotique, noir, bleu

Oil on Canvas | 31.9x21.3 in



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