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Ingeborg Herckenrath Artist

I would definitely recommend Artmajeur to a friend

Interview conducted on Jan 11, 2017

It was a very smooth sales process. Thanks to the direct communication with the customer I've build trust about the buyer's reliability. The order and billing system offered by Artmajeur gave me confidence to accept the order from the customer.

I spend a few hours per week for updating my profile on Artmajeur. Thanks to the clear image management process and tips it is quite comfortable to maintain. I would definitely recommend Artmajeur to a friend. Artmajeur gives me the opportunity to reveal my paintings to an international network. For me, it is my pleasure if my work touches a person. So, exposing my paintings on Artmajeur offers me a wonderful opportunity to reach art lovers worldwide.

I had a pleasant contact with the buyer of my work. It is obvious that there are customers who enjoy direct contact.

My advice: I believe an artist should show their best collection on-line. It is a pitfall that you put all you work on-line, hoping that some person some where will appreciate it. I choose qualitative works, produced with high commitment.

~ Ingeborg Herckenrath

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They sold on Artmajeur: Ingeborg Herckenrath

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