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The sale was very fast.

Interview conducted on Sep 21, 2017

The sale was very fast.

After a couple short messages, everything has been clarified and he pay me with PayPal.

I feel very confident with Artmajeur, buyers have to register and I feel protected.

Yes I use the order and billing system offered by Artmajeur

I spend time every day to administering my account and profile on Artmajeur, for me is very important.

Yes the image management meet absolutely my expectations.

The tips on my account are very helpful!

Absolutely, I recommend Artmajeur very often to my friends!

 Yes is very international, many collectors collect my works from all over the world thanks Artmajeur and this is absolutely important and it´s simply amazing for me!

Today milions of people buy and sell on-line.

I worked for 10 years in the fashion industry too and I learned a lot. 

A shop has many difficult to survive in a big city, it has to pay an expensive rent, taxis, has to order the right collections and pay a lot for that, has to pay a stuff..but online everything is easier and more, more inexpensive.

I live in Berlin and I watch the people, they run all day and this is normal in a metropolis. 

They have limited time and the city is really big, here they buy almost everything on-line to save time, the world is changing.

I think the customers appreciate this, look, today people can buy something different and really special in a far-off area on the planet, can be inspired and it is possible just with a phone!

These are things we could just dream about twenty years ago, this is the future and run very fast today!

When people understand what they are buying, and why they should buy it from you, I guarantee that your site will see an increase in sales over a design that doesn't communicate clearly with customers. 

People often don't know why they might need your product until you tell them ("You'll love our newest product because..."), so don't be afraid to be direct and crystal clear... it is my motto it´s what I try to do and Artmajeur is one the most crystal clear and safe on-line platform that I saw!

~ Federica Masini

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They sold on Artmajeur: Federica Masini

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