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I still can’t believe I don’t have to pay commission!

Interview conducted on Sep 14, 2017

I sold a large ballerina piece, of which I’m best known for. The art buyer paid via Paypal and in a quick and easy Artmajeur setup, I was able to notify the buyer that her ballerina art piece was being shipped to her country halfway around the world. I also emailed the buyer to let her know I had received her payment and that her art piece will be safely packaged and shipped within the next few days. 

I only spend about 30 to 60 minutes per week on Artmajeur to upload my new art works. I find the site very easy to use and quick to edit when I’ve sold something or need to update my page. I would definitely suggest every artist to create an account with Artmajeur! Well worth it. NO COMMISSION! I still can’t believe I don’t have to pay commission! 

I have only just signed up with Artmajeur this year and already I’ve been gaining fantastic momentum and sold original art. I sell most of my art internationally and find that Artmajeur has rocketed my access to serious art collectors in areas I would not usually see my art being sold. 

I thrive on personal contact with my buyers. I’ve only been an artist for a couple of years (full-time this year) and feel that much of my success in selling art has come from personal contact with the buyers. It’s great for a buyer to find out about the artist and why they create, but it’s also just as rewarding to find out about the buyer and how they are impacted by your creations. I’m always quick to respond to enquires and send through as much information as possible. I do this as some buyers are nervous about buying internationally or in some cases, have never bought art before. This helps them feel confident in your art works arriving safely to their homes/businesses. 

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a new artist and have only really been selling for the past year or so. However, in that time, I’ve sold over 100 original works, so I’m starting to gather an idea on what works and what doesn’t. I’d say, create as much as you can. Not all of them will be great, but some will shine. Once you have a heap of good art and a direction, upload great quality photos of them and write all about how you created such unique pieces. I feel that the story behind the creation is just as important as the art piece sometimes. I also think it is important to provide a range of prices and sizes as not everyone can afford or accommodate a large masterpiece- so make a small masterpiece. ;) 

As for things to avoid- ‘Inconsistency'. I’ve done a little research and see that most of the biggest online selling artists around the world have a particular style and stick to that. They also seem to upload at a regular time each month or week. 

With that said, I’d better run… time to upload some new creations I’ve been dancing with. :) 

~ Ashvin Harrison

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They sold on Artmajeur: Ashvin Harrison

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