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Hello there! And welcome to my gallery!
I would like to thank everyone who has constantly supported me and my art since I posted them online in December 2004 - people who had visited my Zammerly Online Art Gallery and, those who wrote me.
I thought of showing my appreciation back by making a very special series of abstract paintings - Zammerly, The Gift Series (Zammerly TGS), that are easily acquirable. They will be my token of appreciation to you, and shall come in larger size. Now you can own an original for less than the price of a Giclee Print!
I will be starting the series this coming weeks and will be posting the paintings as soon as I finish the first 15. I intend to make 50 paintings for this series, as usual, all done brushless!
I will be posting here, as well, The Zammerly Silver and Gold Series which will also be quite affordable for everyone. It will be a nice gift for any occassion to your friends and loved ones. And the rest of my work could also be
a part of your office or home decoration.
As usual, I will not name my paintings except for their "series number" because I want you, whoever will own a Zammerly painting, to name it according to how you interpret or feel about the particular work of art that you acquire from me.
If there is anything on your mind, I also do commissions.
Thanks again for visiting and have a nice day!

Z Zammerly