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I find your images very compelling...after reading your information and seeing your work I am left with a feeling of being lonely for myself...thank you S :)

Shirley Dickie Canada | Apr 12, 2009

Love your use of color an form.Although abstract in nature, they lead ones mind to visual images of nature and human forms. Lovely. love-bd

melanie-bd United Nations | Mar 1, 2009

Your work is beatiful and I wish you great success.

viv-1 Afghanistan | Dec 18, 2008

I've come across your page through Suresh. your works are vibrant in colors . They are beautiful. I love the last one with the green leaves.

eloi-1 Afghanistan | Sep 8, 2008

Hi Tomas, Thank you for your comments. I do really like your art work. chat with you soon Mari-Lyn

mari-lyn Afghanistan | Aug 16, 2008

I come around lately but never left a comment to tell you I'm here. Been looking through your blogs. Your paintings are great inspirations, my friend :) Thank you.

marg Morocco | Jul 15, 2008

Hey Tomas my friend! Thanks a lot for this lovely place.. Keep going! Cheers! - Wakish -

wakish Morocco | Apr 23, 2008

Your so sweet with your wonderful messages, Thanks, it brightened up my day !!!

Terry Freeman Chico CA, United States | Feb 25, 2008

I love the color blue!! It's my favorite. It's great, soft. Karolka ou Carole :))))

karolka Canada | Feb 22, 2008

Thank you !!! your very sweet !!! try the other encard.

Terry Freeman Chico CA, United States | Feb 22, 2008

Thanks so much for your sweet message, it truly made my day !!! (((HUGS)))

Terry Freeman Chico CA, United States | Feb 21, 2008

Hi Tomas, Thanks for letting me know about your new web site. I always enjoy seeing your art work (old and new) and hearing from you. Hope you are well. Love, Helen

Helen Losse United Nations | Feb 19, 2008