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rennes, France

Bretagne 1982-2 (1982)

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About this artwork

Techniques Watercolor
Framing No
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Painting , Watercolor , Outsider Art , Bretagne , cover , Finistére , France , Gillet , illustration , mer , paysage , Peintures , plage , Richard , rocher

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©2016 by Richard Gillet
laitue - Photography ©2016 by Richard Gillet - Botanic, laitue, legume, plante, rouge, salade, vert, verte
©1988 by Richard Gillet
Bretagne 1988 - Painting ©1988 by Richard Gillet - Outsider Art, Landscape, Bretagne, colline, France, Gillet, maison, paysage, Richard, vent
©1988 by Richard Gillet
Nuit-et-jour - Painting ©1988 by Richard Gillet - Outsider Art, cover, France, Gillet, illustration, jour, masque, nuit, Richard
©1988 by Richard Gillet
M - Painting ©1988 by Richard Gillet - Outsider Art, Portraits, cover, femme, Gillet, homme, illustration, Peintures, portrait, Richard, visage
19.7x25.6 in ©1981 by Richard Gillet
Interieur Paris - Painting, 19.7x25.6 in ©1981 by Richard Gillet - Outsider Art, Interiors, acrylique sur carton 50x65, cover, Gillet, illustration, interieur, Richard
©1980 by Richard Gillet
Finistère - Painting ©1980 by Richard Gillet - Landscape, Bretagne, cover, Finistére, Gillet, illustration, mer, paysage, Richard, rocher

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