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Order Chaos Prints 11 Images

Pared down to its most basic form and executed in the purest constituents, this diptych epitomises the very spirit at the heart of the collection... duality and dichotomy The work examines the differentiation of head and heart and their mutual incompatibility. The screen printed anatomical drawings are applied in matt powder blue upon a mirror finished metallic gold ground. These deceptively simple images are embellished with the words Order and Chaos, executed in micro spherical glass beads. T...

Linear Musing 4 Images

Linear Musings... the name refers to the line of cryptic text, at the bottom of each work. The titles are derrived from a series of poems entitled 'Little Usherette' by Michael Scott, both cerebral and surreal. The works play on a subconcious nostalgic recognition of the stylised Metallic Damask wall paper motif with the base panels are overlayed with multiple layers of Translucent Lacquers, Resins, Irridescent Powders and Heavy Impasto to the upper sections along with the line of Nickel s...