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Emilia Amaro

Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born 1979
Searching Identity, Deconstruction and reconstruction in Reflections

She was born in 1979 under the Socialism in Hungary. In her early stage she was already interested in Art History and philosophy, she took special courses and classes during in the grammar school, In the end of the studies she selected like the optional subject of the school leaving exam to do the Drawing and Art history Exam.

She applied for the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in the first place. But her masters did not encourage for an easy entrance, they have said that, she has too strong own style already. And because she found Architecture a special kind of art, and has great passion to design buildings, and places, she applied for study architecture in Budapest University of Technology & Economics. There she got immediately chance to improve herself. That’s how became her first Profession Architecture.

Finally, by gaining experience in building design she had been realized, she missed the individual freedom, which an artist like painter can have. She doesn’t have the skills which an Architect must have, able to give up the meaning of their work recently, to able to achieve the materialization of the plan.

 She is a perfectionist, uses all the possibility to making worthy and unique things and the fact of power on my own work quality. During the changing of the political and economic surroundings she has realized the situation in Hungary continuously sloping down in every aspect, When Finally achieved a point when it has become intolerable. She emigrated,

 She committed to be an Artist again. She is on a way for searching values and a possibility to be relatively free found out her own identity.
In these cases, she has a great passion for traveling & lives in different places. Her works reflect for the touch of the acquainted cultures, persons and happenings. The only continual mark of his art evolution is the sensible, powerful colors, which makes them recognizable between the varied styles and techniques. By time specialized in 2 themes. The Water and his own
appearances. His works had been exhibited in Hungary, Germany, and Italy.

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