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Artist (Photography)
Born unknown date
I have always been an observer and at a very young age I discovered my
passion for recording the moments of life that we see every day. After
a decade of self-taught, I mastered the cameras as if they were part
of me. Within the black, brown, green, blue, red, yellow or white
color, there are several subtle combinations, or nuances. Like the yin
and yang philosophy, many colors come together to make one color, and
in one color exists many different colors. For example, from a
distance many times we can see white abstract forms, or black, or
brown. When we look closer, we start to notice the blues, pinks,
yellows, purples and all the subtle nuances ranging from muted to
intense mixtures, warm and cool tones. It’s just like looking at a
computer image. If you reduce or scale down a picture to a smaller
size, the picture will get as fine and detailed as possible. But
enlarge it and you will see big squares of pixels.

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