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Devorah Rosen

Artist (Digital Arts, Drawing)
Born unknown date
Dreamer by design, realist by circumstance. Rêveur par conception, réaliste par circonstance.

Devorah Rosen is a multidisciplinary artist, painter, digital artist, printmaker, and photographer. Every waking moment since birth is an aesthetic experience for her. Her eyes search out harmony of colour, form and line, of shadow and light. She is forever chasing an ideal of balancedness and harmony, a perfection of blended forms, a convergence of line, visually, even in music and everyday experience. A place where difference is real and the coming together of disparate personalities, perfection.

All her paintings are created while in the momentary state of inspiration. There is no planning or preparation of any kind. That is not to say they have no message, but rather the structure, the meaning, the colour schemes all arise from the deepest part of herself, from the ubiquitous ‘I’.

That said, she is a person that loves ancientness and takes great joy in pondering the unknown, for it is there that the magic of creativity comes alive.

Devorah Rosen is working and living in Australia. Her work is present in many public collections.

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