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Dariia Onyshchenko

Los Alcazares, Murcia reg, Spain
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born 1986
To look at beauty means to improve yourself. To make beauty means to make world better.

Daria Onishchenko is a talented artist from Ukraine, laureate and laureate of numerous all-Ukrainian competitions and plein-air exhibitions. She gained recognition thanks to the technique of combining easel academic painting with decorative solutions. In 2021, she graduated from the M. Boichuk State Academy of Arts and Sciences and continued to work on original works in the psychological portrait genre. Specializes in oil painting. But open to creative experiments and new materials. Works in a realistic impressionistic style. She draws inspiration from the world around her and is especially inspired by nature. God is the best and most brilliant artist. And we just have to open our eyes. Ornaments of the world of plastic and spiritual symbolism are also fascinating. Therefore, inspiration from their beauty also finds a place in the works of the master. Before the war, the artist lived in Kyiv. Now lives and works in Spain.

Discover contemporary artworks by Dariia Onyshchenko, browse recent artworks and buy online. Categories: contemporary spanish artists (born 1986). Artistic domains: Painting, Drawing. Account type: Artist , member since 2022 (Country of origin Ukraine). Buy Dariia Onyshchenko's latest works on Artmajeur: Discover great art by contemporary artist Dariia Onyshchenko. Browse artworks, buy original art or high end prints.

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