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Clement Mohale

Artist (Drawing, Painting)
Born 1994
My work is bold, vibrant and emotive.

Clement Mohale is a contemporary artist  who has always been passionate about art from an early childhood. My work is bold, vibrant and emotive and I use variety of mediums such as charcoals, pastels, acrylics and oil paints which consists of a palette of basic colours to convey my ideas and feelings. In essence I do not limit myself when it comes to mediums and ideas or concepts. My work is inspired by the daily lived experience and I intend recapture the human experience in all aspects of life. But children often become part of the subject of my work because they are a symbol of hope. Drawing from my family clan history a crown is used as a metaphor for owning to your rights and having the power and the will to decide for the greater good. I use the Johannesburg skyline as a metaphorical kingdom which represents the revisits to my ancestorial past with a current hopeful present. The focus of my work is on socio-political and economic issues such as poverty, lack of shelter, sanitation and education and how it has influenced and or significantly affected the well-being of ordinary people. I want the viewer to communicates their thoughts, feelings and emotions with my work and ask oneself about their status, position and role they playing in making the world a better place for all to live. Clement work is collected throughout the U.S., Europe and other countries and can be seen and purchased at his art studio in Limpopo, SA.

Discover contemporary artworks by Clement Mohale, browse recent artworks and buy online. Categories: contemporary south african artists (born 1994). Artistic domains: Drawing, Painting. Account type: Artist , member since 2021 (Country of origin South Africa). Buy Clement Mohale's latest works on Artmajeur: Discover great art by contemporary artist Clement Mohale. Browse artworks, buy original art or high end prints.

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