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Clémence Powney

Artist (Painting)
Born 1988
Fine Art portraits, empowered historical women

Clemence Powney is a talented and innovative artist specializing in creating portraits of empowered women. Her unique style incorporates a blend of mixed media, including recycled fabric and paper, to create stunning works of art that celebrate the strength and brilliance of women.

What sets Clemence apart from other artists is the technique she uses to create her artworks, which she developed during her time as an art performer doing speed paintings. Another remarkable aspects of Clemence’s work is her use of recycled materials. By incorporating recycled fabric and paper into her paintings, she highlights the importance of sustainability in the art world and encourages others to think about their impact on the environment. In addition to her portraits, Clemence’s work is also characterized by her love for nature. She depicts the natural world in all of her paintings, creating a harmonious connection between women and the environment.

But Clemence’s talent extends beyond traditional paintings. She is also a pioneer in the field of virtual reality art, using cutting-edge technology to create innovative works that challenge our perceptions of what art can be. Her virtual reality pieces take viewers on a journey through a new world, offering a truly immersive experience that is both beautiful and thought-provoking.

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