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Cinzia Tellarini

Rome, Italy
Artist (Painting)
Born 1958
Art is freedom

 was born in Padua on January 12, 1958 and grew up in the province of Venice.

Since I was a child, contact with water and the colors of nature have attracted my attention; the education in the image, received in the family, helped to orient me very early on painting. Already in elementary school I was producing artifacts that were awarded and exhibited in the schools I attended.

In 1968 I moved to Rome together with my family of origin, and I carried out my training in the capital.

During high school I discovered philosophy and psychoanalysis. Since then I have pursued two passions, painting and the study of the human mind.

I graduated in psychology and underwent psychodynamic training, with particular reference to French psychoanalysis and I have been working in the National Health Service since 1990, mainly dealing with parenting and

gender issues. I currently work in the women's help service dedicated to combating gender-based violence.

Practicing care services inevitably led me to develop a particular interest in literature and to express myself also through writing. Therefore I have published both narrative and non-fiction texts concerning both the affective and the artistic dimension. I also expressed myself through poetry.  I have won a couple of competitions and participated in public readings both in Rome and in Naples.

I undertook and completed a three-year course in the restoration of the painting, organized in the historic school of ornamental arts of the Municipality of Rome and I participated on several occasions in the laboratories of the free school of the nude of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. I painted for the pleasure of expressing myself and experimenting, not by marketing my productions, but sometimes by participating in exhibitions.

In 1993 and 1995 Andrea and Arianna were born, my children, to whom I was able to pass on my passion for art that I have seen from them decline in different directions, those of architecture and cinematography

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