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China Alicia Rivera

New York, United States
Artist (Digital Arts, Photography)
Born 1984
Draw from the heart.

Welcome. Thank you for stopping by. 🥰 More Images to come! - Photography & Art By China Alicia Rivera (Creative Artist).

My name is China Alicia Rivera, and i Like to take Photos, Love to Draw, Create Digital Art and Do Digital Painting and Colorizing. The medium that i use for drawing is Black Ink Markers on Paper. Once my Drawing is complete i then Scan it onto the Computer and Began my Digital Painting and Colorizing Process. My goal with my Art is to make Beautiful Art that can be Printed over and over again, that way i can share my Art and Vision with a Wide Audience that Loves Art as much as i do. I Also have a great interest in Adobe Photoshop, so that is what i use to Edit, Colorize, and Finalize my images. The Adobe Photoshop program is my Favorite software program to use to Enhance my Images, but it is also my Favorite program to use to Create Wonderful Digital Art. I have a great Love for the Photoshop Software program and i use it in many ways to finalize my images, ultimately creating the perfect finished Art Piece. I Love to work with my hands when it comes to Drawing, but i also love to work on the Computer as well, and so my Brand represents the use and combination of Traditional Art Making, and Digital Technology as a Creative Process to Create a Finalized Art piece that i hope people will Love and that can be One Day sold Worldwide. Thank you.

What Inspires my Art is my environment. I grew up in Brooklyn, New York. And in many neighborhoods around Brooklyn New York, you will see Graffiti, and some of it is very nice and some of it is very colorful. That to me inspires my sense of how i use colors. Another thing that inspires me Artistically is Parks and Recreational spaces around New York City. Parks and Recreational spaces In all Five Boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island tend to be very creative looking Architecturally, and that to me inspires the twists and turns that you will see in my Abstract Artworks. Another thing that i find very inspiring for me is Just living in a Big City in General. Many of The buildings in a City is very Architecturally stunning in terms of materials used and the way the sun bounces off the colors on a Beautiful building on a Sunny day. That inspires me to create highlights and glowing areas in my work. And finally, one of my greatest Artistic Inspirations that i think is a fantastic person is Vincent Van Gogh. His story and His Art touches my heart in a special way, and i like to think that there is just a little bit of Van Gogh's Spirit Influencing me when i Draw and Color that somehow expands His Creative influence and Spirit In The World. Thank you.

- Creative Artist: China Alicia Rivera

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