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Anastasiya Dashevskaya

Художник (Картина, Рисунок)
Родился в 1990
My objective as an artist is an inner world of woman. Everything that her life consists of and that she brings in and carries on her hands and in her heart - love, child, home, deep roots of her folk.

Anastasia Dashevskaya - a russian artist born in 1990 in Moscow. Received one of the best academic art education in Russia at the Moscow State Academic Art Institute of V.I. Surikov, the Russian Academy of Arts; and Moscow State Academic Art School of 1905, the faculty of scenography. A member of the Moscow Union of Artists and a scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Lives and works in the city of Dolgoprudny, Moscow region.


During her training period, she practiced in several Moscow theaters in various monumental techniques, such as Italian fresco, sgraffito, stained glass.


One of the major themes in her work emerged after visiting Kamchatka peninsula. In 2013 Anastasia finished a large work  “The Life of Kamchatka” about the life and problems of small indigenous peoples during the Soviet times. This theme gave rise to a series of original landscapes of the far east of Russia in the form of mountains associated  with portraits of real women, the indigenous inhabitants of those places. This series is currently being worked on.
 Since 2015 she has been working with northeastern mountain landscapes and images of animals from the Far East.


Later her maternal experience formed the basis of the “Woman” series, where female figures contribute to original landscapes in the form of rivers, islands and mountains.

In painting, Anastasia  prefers to work in oil on canvas. She relishes the technique of multi-layer painting, when the lower layer of paint slightly shines through the upper one. This technique  traces her experience of working with Italian fresco and follows traditions of Russian iconography.

In her work Anastasia was influenced and inspired by artists such as Peter Doig, Mark Rothko and the Chinese artist Zhang Daqian. Anastasia's paintings were exhibited at the exhibitions in London and Rome and published in the Russian Art magazine. Her works are in private collections in Russia, USA, UK and China.

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