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Anni Vahlqvist

Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
For me, art is the beginning through which I express my thoughts.

Anni Vahlqvist is a colorblind Finnish artist. She has studied painting Pori School of Art and Turku University of Applied Sciences(Culture and Art’s Master’s degree). In 2022 Anni graduated as solution-focused art therapy. She work mainly with acrylic and oil paints. She also uses her fingers and natural materials to make the vibrant colors and textures in her paintings. Anni does illustrations for children with watercolors and digital techniques. Anni's special skills are digital art and she is curious to try new technologies like a augmented reality (AR) -technologies. Anni participates in exhibitions every year. She has been awarded grants. Anni operates internationally the activities of the RaumArs Association of Visitors inspector. He is also from Pori artists' association and Solution-focused art therapists ry member. Anni has been painting since she was a child.

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