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Anna Bloomfield-Ravliuc

London, United Kingdom
Artist (Painting)
Born unknown date
Artist’s Pain and Bliss is to live, create and be heard.

I've been painting since I can remember myself. When I was a little girl, I used to paint with the juice of leaves and flowers on the white walls of my parents' house. Later, I studied art, I learned the classical painting technique, I tried several modern techniques. Now I combine them into my own style and together they give a fascinating result. I’m inspired by nature and people. I memorize nature’s changing colours and moods, I want to capture the moment and stop time. I use vivid, clean, strong colours, as through them I can show the strength of nature and movement of the human figure. Splashes of energy are transforming into splashes of colours. I recharge with paints, and I get lost in the canvas while I’m creating. I have a dialogue with the canvas, and in turn, my paintings are talking with their admirers.

I have almost a hundred international exhibitions, most of which are personal. I’ve been exhibited throughout Europe, China and USA. I’m optimistic and continue my career as a fine artist.

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