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Alexander Taylor Dickie

Lanark, United Kingdom
Artist (Painting)
Born 1945
He profits most who serves best

Hi, my name is Alexander Taylor Dickie, I was born in Bridgeton Glasgow, Scotland in 1945.  I left school at 15 and had several jobs before becoming a motor engineer. I aquired top marks at School for Art, however, never really took it seriously until I was 38 years old.  I have 36 years experience working in both Oils and watercolours.  I am completely self taught, and have sold literally thousands of Paintings Worldwide, both through Exhibitions of my work, and Commissions.  I have painted countless Commissions including a 80 feet painting in the Library of Andrew Carnegie's Hunting Lodge, Aultnagar in Scotland, commissioned by the owners.  I was also commissioned to paint a painting of Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland, by the custodian of the castle.  I have painted every subject imaginable, Landscapes Seascapes, Castles, Still Lives, Child Portraits, Family Portraits, Wedding Portraits, Pet Portraits, Portraits of Cars, Old Masters ect.  Just about any and every subject you can think of, I have Painted and enjoyed every stroke of the brush.  I love what I do. and my promise to each of my customers is a living likeness, a masterpiece, a work of art, for each Art Lover to enjoy and treasure forever.  I have held Art Classes, and taught Art in the place where I stay, in Lanark, with my wife and family.  The detail of my work is exceptionally portrayed in the Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson Paintings.  I am an Artist to the Stars, and Celebrities, and accept Commissions from anyone in Show Business and from all walks of life.  I have painted from Life, but prefer to work from Photographs in my Home Studio, this enables me to give more time to detail in each artwork.  I have exceptional talent and ability to bring various Photographs together to paint from onto the one Canvas and produce each time a total Masterpiece.  Thank you for your kinds attention,  Alexander  ( Artist ) 

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