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Afsaneh Vollmer

BRAMPTON,ON, Ontario, Canada
Artist (Painting, Collages)
Born 1964

Afsaneh Vollmer


Afsaneh studied fine art at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Switzerland and continued her visual arts studies at New York Studio School. She further achieved a degree in Textile and Surface Design from FIT in New York, and a Master of Woven Design from Ecole Nationale Superieure de Creation Industirelle in Paris.


While studying fine art at New York Studio School one of her sculptures was awarded and chosen to be in a photo shoot for Vogue magazine. She also was among the top creative students from FIT to present her textile design to Bill Blass.


Afsaneh has many years of experience as a graphic artist and globally producing wallpaper designs in this industry. She has continued painting with different forms of media creating decorative textiles and incorporated textiles and other materials into her paintings in form of mixed media.


She is currently a professor at Yorkville University and Conestoga college in Ontario/Canada teaching various courses for Bachelor of Interior Design program.

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