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Arbúcies, Girona, España
Artista (Pintura)
Nacido en 1968

ZarZas, a woman artist with a very personal work, intuitive and constantly evolving art.

I started painting at an early age and I was founding my own style during more than two decades. I found inspiration in my travels throughout the world, always working with real models to capture the spark of the deepest essence of soul. I visited different landscapes, cultures and ways of life and I soaked me in all kinds of art. In addition, I studied and visited the great Masters in the museums, the Prado, Reina Sofia, Guggenheim , Van Gogh, Louvre, Tate Gallery and others.

Painting, for me, is a way of life. As we breath unconsciously, the need to express my concerns and capture them in each canvas is borned in me. This creative process is reflected in my work: visions of a particular world, full of symbolism, times, places, situations, people, always searching for that look that shows its soul completely open.

My painting is my life.
A life dedicated to art.

Descubra obras de arte contemporáneas de Zarzas, explore obras de arte recientes y compre en línea. Categorías: artistas españoles contemporáneos (nacido en 1968). Dominios artísticos: Pintura. Tipo de cuenta: Artista , miembro desde el 2015 (País de origen España). Compre los últimos trabajos de Zarzas en Artmajeur: Zarzas: Descubre impresionantes obras del artista contemporáneo. Explorar obras de arte, comprar obras originales o impresiones de alto nivel.

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