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Prague, Czechia
Artist (Painting, Drawing)
Born 1959

Igor Andrianov, known as Shulman, is a contemporary Russian painter based in Prague. He is the most acclaimed living figurative artist from Eastern Europe. For Shulman, who enjoys experimenting with a variety of subject matter and painting styles, creativity is essential. He took inspiration from a variety of art movements and used pieces from several of them to construct new, wholly original works. In several of his paintings, he uses a vibrant, vivid background that strips the scene of all other elements in order to draw our attention to the subject. Shulman takes characters from everyday life and references the school of realism to create paintings that are both inventive and creative while also being highly realistic.

Igor Andrianov Shulman was born in 1959, in Russia, where he graduated from the Art College named after A.G.Venezianov. He has been living and working in Prague since 1999; he considers it as the place that inspires artists the most. Shulman has exhibited his works in galleries, museums, and international art fairs. His works are part of private collections in more than 50 countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, China, Brazil.

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