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HEURISTIC GRAPHICS - the art of quiet contemplation in the digital age of high speeds

Презентация & Биография

 Ivan Kelarev was born in 1996 . The son of a hereditary artist, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts -  Igor Chernyshov. More than 200 limited edition stamps are stored in private collections and funds (Russia, Italy, France, USA, Germany, the Netherlands). The artist's works can be shot in museums and galleries.

My creative path is the history of searches, personal tragedy and mystical twists of fate. From early childhood, I have been accompanied by images with which I came up with fun – find interesting objects and, folding them properly, receive in their shadows unusual shapes, faces, objects. Later I learned the word - illusion.

Explaining my work, I introduced an accessible term - HEURISTIC GRAPHICS (with Greek. I find, open). In the engraving, I pick black and white graphic illusions in figurative compositions from shade spots. Relying on the name and content of engravings, the viewer ponders visual rebus, starts the processes of creative thinking and begins to independently search for the lost word. My task is to turn on the viewer, tear him out of reality.

Printed graphics are a valuable tool in the arsenal of a contemporary artist.

I love engraving for under-telling, for the struggle of black and white, for the harmony of monochrome, for the play of lines and spots. A tool that has a specific and inherent special language of conventionality, educates taste, develops creative thinking, and teaches you to understand fine art. 

03.03.2019 Art Grad laid the foundation for an all-encompassing art project "Postcards of the Worlds“. Through the project, I have a silent dialogue with the viewer, raising both topical social issues and discussing cosmogony, truth, time, good, vice, etc. At the moment, within the framework of the OM project, I am leading two directions:

1) I am conducting a large-scale work to create 333 engraved illustrations for 12 books by Carlos Castaneda and intends to set a book record for the number of some of the strangest illustrations Goal: escort the viewer to the amazing worlds of Castaneda, bringing him closer to them and leaving him alone with the content, allowing a deeper immersion in the semantic content of the works, having reached harmony through literary triunity: text-reader-illustration.

2) Society - everything that is between the lines of everyday. The object of my research is a multi-faceted and mysterious creature, everything related to it. Understanding the experience of immersing a person in virtual reality and the transformation of the postpandemic person as a logical stage in the upbringing of the "NEW SOCIETY" - open themes of my work.

The artist is ready to offer constructive cooperation and is determined to long-term ties with galleries and museums of contemporary art in order not only to impress the imagination of the viewer with an extraordinary answer to relevant questions in traditional technology, but also take one of the leading positions in the art market.


Игорь Чернышов, Михаил Шемякин, Уильям Блейк, Питер Брейгель, Альбрех Дюрер, Иероним Босх, Франсиско Гойя


2017-2025 обучение в печатной мастерской у Почетного члена Российской Академии Художеств игоря Чернышова москва, Россия
2018-2018 St. Petersburg School of Television Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Представлено Oleg Pichikin

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Ivan Kelarev (artkelar)

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Персональные выставки

2019 Personal exhibition «Postcards of Worlds» in Center for Culture and Creativity «Nega» Moscow, Россия

Коллективные экспозиции

2020 Online exhibition «XL Youth» at the Moscow branch of the VTOO «Union of Artists of Russia» Moscow, Россия

2020 International contest «High Graphics» Naberezhnye Chelny, Россия

2019 plenaire of the ofortists under the guidance of the Honored Artist of Russia and academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Boris Belsky Yaroslavl, Россия

2019 plenaire of the ofortists under the guidance of the Honored Artist of Russia and academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Boris Belsky Yaroslavl, Россия

2019 International exhibition «Orange Dawn» in Marina Tsvetaeva House Museum Moscow, Россия

2019 SamFair2019 Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Постоянные Коллекции

2020 Коллекция гравюр Игоря Чернышова Ростов Великий, Россия

2019 Street Art Museum St. Petetburg, Россия


2019 Museum-Printery "Pages of the history of printing" with. Vyatka, Yaroslavl region., Россия

2018 The artist in the etching workshop «Art Grad». I learned little-known and almost forgotten graphic drawing techniques from the Renaissance – drawing -a duck feather as part of the "Turn the Feather" course from an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Ростов Великий, Россия

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